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Spray System OverView

WSM135 is a new process improved precision spraying system. The system adopts the spray valve independently developed by Wisame Technology, with precision positioning system, heating system, exhaust extraction system, automatic loading and unloading robot, upper and lower machine communication port, independent in windows environment. The developed wisame coating software enables on-line precision coating operations and is widely used in leading edge coating processes in LED packaging, new energy film pole sheet coating, glass manufacturing, nanomaterials, biomedical and other industrial manufacturing fields.

Main Parameters

  • Positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
  • Travel range: 500(X) × 500(Y) ×50(Z) mm
  • Spray flow: 0.01~10 ml/min
  • Spray particle size: 20~40 um
  • Power:AC220V, 2.0KW

Main Features

  • Spray valve independently developed by Wisame Technology, no precipitation, uniform and stable spraying.
  • The XYZ axis is driven by servo motor + screw, with accurate positioning and coating speed of 0~500mm/s (adjustable).
  • Intelligent temperature control system, work platform surface temperature 2 ℃ or less.
  • Automatic exhaust gas collection, filtration and discharge device, adjustable speed, suitable for different spraying conditions.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of products, automatic operation of production line (optional).
  • Wisame coating intelligent control system independently developed can be seamlessly integrated with the factory production management system.

Optional Item

  • Loading and unloading line
  • Barcode scanning
  • CCD Visual positioning system
  • The laser altimeter measruement
  • UPS