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Pressure Pulse Test Bench Overview

Pressure pulse test bench is suitable for automobile power steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning, fuel pipe and cooling water pipes, radiator hose, heater hose, air filter hose, hose worm pressurization system, engineering hydraulic hose, hydraulic hose and hose, steering hose, metal pipe, rubber hose, plastic tubing, evaporator, condenser, oil tank and the pressure of the pressure piping components such as alternating test.

Main Parameters

  • Test medium: water, oil, ethylene glycol mixture.
  • Pressure range: 0~70bar
  • Pulse frequency: 0.1~4Hz
  • Pulse waveform: trapezoidal wave (low frequency), sine wave (high frequency), triangular wave, custom waveform.
  • Ambient temperature: - 40 ~ 150 ℃ + 2 ℃
  • Medium temperature: - 40 ~ 150 ℃ + 2 ℃

Main Features

  • Electro-hydraulic servo closed-loop control, adaptive PID control algorithm, high precision pressure control.
  • New fluid control ensures long - term stability, while saving test time and cost.
  • Multi-channel and multi-station, multi-channel test can be carried out at the same time without affecting each other, experimental data and graphics are automatically recorded and saved in the computer, when a branch leakage, automatically close the branch, and record the number of tested pulses, other normal branch continue to test.
  • Using the latest high intelligent control system independently developed by WISAME Technology, the performance is stable and reliable, can set test parameters and customer information, real-time display pressure-time curve, environment temperature, medium temperature, pulse times, pressure value, and can print out.
  • With the function of overpressure and overload protection, the pressure drops rapidly after the sample is broken, and the pressure is stopped automatically to ensure personal safety to the greatest extent.
  • Multiple specimens can be installed at the same time, and the distance can be conveniently adjusted according to the minimum bending radius and standard of the pipe diameter.

Optional Item

  • Three-dimensional connecting fixture, can achieve up and down about the distance adjustment, suitable for different lengths and special-shaped pipeline installation.
  • Vibration tooling, hydraulic servo transmission, amplitude and frequency can be adjusted, with the increase of amplitude, the frequency gradually reduced.